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Accomplished: Bloomers Sewn

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Sewn Bloomers

Tonight, a Thursday, I sewed a pair of bloomers. What for? TBD.

Total Time: 4 hours… not so long, really, but jeebus it’s late.

Difficulty: 5

Tools and Materials:

  • About a yard of cotton muslin
  • About a yard of 1/2″ elastic
  • 2 yards 1/8″ satin ribbon
  • Elna 3210 Gallery Series sewing machine
  • Toastmaster Steam Iron, purchased at the drugstore.
  • Thread
  • Awesome and free Madeleine Mini Bloomers Pattern (Download from Collette Patterns)
  • Lexmark 7600 Series inkjet printer


  • Sewed them up as per the Collette pattern instructions.
  • No real trouble other than my printer automatically scaled the pattern to fit the print area. Since the pattern tiles on 20+ pages, I didn’t bother reprinting, I just made them the large size instead of medium.
  • As a result of this wonkiness, the waistband is a bit lower than I think was intended.


  • In theory, these are cute, but I can’t help feeling like I’m wearing a frilly diaper.
  • The model on the Collette Patterns site can pull it off; I’ll need to work on my mood lighting and my frame of mind before they 100% work for me.
  • Time will tell.

Written by kdka

April 23, 2010 at 5:23 am

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