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Accomplished: Sundress Sewn

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This weekend, I sewed a sundress. Now I just need to iron it.

Total Time: about 8 hours

Difficulty: 7

Tools and Materials:


  • I followed the pattern instructions to a T.
  • Normally I cut corners, but not this time.
  • I even did french seams down the sides so there are no raw edges.


  • I loved the fabric on the bolt, but now that the dress is made, I see the pattern’s got some definite hausfrau attitude.
  • The Built by Wendy pattern is well designed and easy to follow, but the finished garment is a bit boxy and awkward, at least on my body.
  • Right now, the fabric is still stiff, so it accentuates the shapelessness.
  • Hopefully, as the cotton softens, it will hang better.
  • It may not do much for my figure, but it will be nice and cool for the summer, and it was satisfying to make.

Written by kdka

April 26, 2010 at 1:40 am

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